Social Media Management and Digital Marketing agency that believes all businesses - no matter their size - can have a powerful impact.

Social Media

I am in it for the long game. I build social media strategies that are informed by real-time social listening and monitoring tools to increase engagement with your customers. This IS social media afterall!

Data and Analytics

Social media and your website need to work together in order to properly capture data to report through analytics if your strategy is working. Because if you can't measure it, you shouldn't do it.

Digital Marketing

Creating relevant content that engages with your customers and positively enhances your brand. Each business is in a different stage so I offer marketing iniatives that support your business and sales goals while preserving your brand.

molecule marketing

How can Molecule Marketing help?

    Service Partners

    Serving clients on a local and national level with social media strategy and management, digital audits, web design and development, SEO, email campaigns, copywriting, and more our success is your success!

    Data and Analytics

    If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. There's no way to know what's working in your social media strategy if you're just posting for the sake of posting. I'm all about that data, baby.

    Social Media

    I focus on the needs of your customers in your specific industry and build social media campaigns to enhance your brand to effectively translate online engagement into sales and foot traffic to your business.

    Content Marketing

    Consistently creating engaging content for your targeted customers at every stage of the buying process is content marketing. I work to ensure your readers gain real value from your content so they continue to be brand advocates and buy your products again and again. (And tell others to do the same!)