Stillwater Liquor


Project: Website Design & Social Media Marketing

Update: Business was acquired by another brand



2019 UPDATE: This business has since merged with another brand so the website created is no longer live.

Stillwater Liquor was a new venture for the management team of Becca and Chad. Chad brings his past experience of owning and managing three other liquor stores. Becca was raised in an entrepreneurial family and has first-hand knowledge of the local area. Both have a love for the product they sell and the community they serve.

Embracing the town's history as the birthplace of Minnesota, Stillwater Liquor temporarily shut their doors to give the store a face lift. The new decor featured local upcycled barnwood, decorative pipes for shelving, and a warm color pallette that made you wonder if you were walking into the same store!

Their main marketing challenge was increasing foot traffic to the store. There was little to no digital and social media presence, let alone engagement, and the store was also incorrectly listed on Google Maps as another brand.


Marketing Stillwater Liquor was a fun project! The local community has been vocally supportive of the newly improved liquor store both at the store and online.

With the help of our data and analytics tool, I was able to engage with Stillwater Liquor's customers in real-time to answer questions about inventory and direct questions to the store's management team.

Using live social listening, I helped to drive foot traffic to the store by analyzing which type of resonnated best with Stillwater Liquor's audience on their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) as well as what time of day is best to post on each platform for maximum engagement.

Stillwater Liquor benefited from social media monitoring and community management. The store saw an increase in engagement across all social media platforms mostly achieved by making connections with local distilleries and breweries.