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Project: Content & Social Media Marketing



Relan was referred to us by their former marketing director. A B2B sustainability company that upcycles billboards and banners, Relan partners with companies and helps them build customer loyalty through the reuse of their existing marketing materials. Their mission is to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Relan's goals were to drive B2B sales and create brand awareness of the reuse, recycle, and upcycle space. Relan wanted to continue educating consumers about general sustainability through their blog but needed to grow the number of email subscribers. They also wanted to find strategic partners and new customers through social media.


We first analyzed their data to revamp their marketing strategy to deliver the kind of content that their audience was looking for. With the use of real-time social listening, we engaged with their community and by year’s end, doubled the number of blog subscribers!

Their social media channels realized an uptick in organic growth as well through increased engagement due to the overall monitoring of analytics-based approach. We constantly revisited which type of content resonated best on each platform so we could refine and deliver quality and relevant information to their growing audience.